About Us

Jessica grew up in a teeny town in Central Massachusetts whose main claim to fame was housing a non-operational cracker factory. She was fortunate enough to spend many summers there wandering outside around town with friends in sandals, sleeping under the stars on docks, and digging up Indian cucumbers - things that she didn't appreciate fully until she moved to the big city. Jessica currently works professionally in healthcare but has had a longstanding passion for making things as cozy as possible, and yearned for an avenue to create. Candle making was not always a hobby for her, but as soon as she started dabbling she was hooked.

Rob grew up in another less-small-but-still-small beach town on the South Shore of Massachusetts on an actual cranberry bog - how New England is that? He draws inspiration from many sources: aerial views of mountains and forests (he dabbled in flying planes for a bit), creatively crafted boozy cocktails, and golden retrievers, to name a few. He has long been inspired to build a business that delivers meaningful, quality products, by his mother who ran a small food business. Rob's professional background is in business and technology, but his passion lies in creating. All of the beautiful photography you see on our page is Rob's work. Rob loves a good challenge and is happiest when he's learning new interesting things about the world.

We are so happy to share our candles with you, and hope that they bring a little bit of the wonder of a cozy cabin on a lake to your home, wherever that may be. We love making candles and hope that love shines through in our finished product.

We use the highest quality soy wax and prioritize using recycled materials whenever possible to be kind to that which inspires us. 🌏

Jess & Rob // lake & cabin